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Becky Stinemetze
Voiceover Actor

Need a voice that's warm, friendly, bright, trustworthy? You got it!

San Antonio Based Voice Over Actor

The first time Becky sat behind a microphone, she knew a special relationship was beginning to form. This relationship started when she DJed for her college's radio station. She spun classic rock every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, but the best part of that job was talking in between songs about events happening on campus and rock and roll trivia. Becky even got to record her own promos. A fire had been lit.

After college, she saw an ad in a continuing education catalog for a voice over workshop. At the workshop, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in voice over. After a lot of studying, coaching and practicing, Becky recorded her first demo. 

Then life happened. In the last 8 years Becky started and grew her career in marketing and now is a prominent marketing professional in her home of San Antonio, Texas. She also got married and now has a beautiful little girl, but that little voice over fire never really died. 

Now, Becky is back and she is ready to rekindle her romance with the mic. She currently lends her voice talents to a local San Antonio radio station for public service announcements and recently narrated a short story for the popular fantasy podcast, PodCastle. Becky is presently studying with a distinguished veteran commercial and promo voice actress and attended the famous Voice Over Atlanta conference.

When Becky isn't busy building her voice over career, you'll probably find her dancing around her living room with her two-year-old. Who has time to get to the gym these days?

If you are looking for a voice that is warm, friendly, all-American, conversational and trustworthy, then Becky's your girl.